Solar Powered Aura Pack

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Aura Apparel has partnered up with Evoke Tactical in creating the first ever Urban Performance Power Pack. This versatile pack system utilizes innovative solar technology, water filtration, and strategic ergonomic designs. Combining a sleek exterior design with functionality, this pack is made for adventures anywhere.


The exterior of the pack uses Ballistic Nylon. Originally developed to be used in Flak Jackets in WWII, this material function was to protect operators from flying debris and fragmentation from bullets and grenades. Fast forward to today, Ballistic Nylon has advanced exponentially and used by military and war-fighters across the globe. Aura uses a higher grade of BA called 900D+ which incorporates higher levels of durability while offering water resistance.

From the Thread to Buckles to Zippers, the Power Pack only utilizes Mil-Spec (meets the rigorous standards of US military) materials.


To add a unique feature, the UPP uses a hyper-efficient new Mil-Spec thin film solar panel. These panels were built tough but only measure 3mm thick. To meet the rigorous standards of the US Military these panels were made ultra-durable. Each row and column of the panels act almost independent to each other and can function with even five 9mm punctures while being waterproof, flexible, and scratch resistant. Unlike traditional silicon wafers which any abrasion or crack could completely shut down energy generation.

These state of the art panels feed power into a 11,000 MAH battery system which absorbs the trickle charge to deliver a constant charge for all your mobile electronics. Made from lithium Ion with twin USB outputs these batteries deliver quick efficient charge for extended cycles.

(Only 4-5 hours average to charge the battery of normal sunny day) (But if your using your phone at the same time charging it will be a standstill)


In order to provide users with maximum comfort, we designed the UPP for weight balance, breath-ability, and conformity. All contact points on the pack uses a breathable mesh that allows heat and moisture to escape. The pattern incorporated with the mesh allows for optimal airflow between user and pack making wicking and drying much easier. Even the shoulder straps incorporate a entrenched style of design in order to provide continuous airflow despite heavy loads. To alleviate pain caused by extended usable of packs with moderate to heavy weights, the UPP utilizes 5 layers of gel based memory foam to conform to the operators body and not dig into the shoulders when there is a higher load.


An additional feature to the UPP is hydration. Each pack comes equipped with a 2.5 L hydration bladder that feeds into one of the shoulder straps for easy access. An optional additive and upgraded bladder is also available for purchase. These are antimicrobial/water filtration addition or a water plate upgrade.