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      Aura Apparel Inc., is an urban performance apparel company from the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in innovative fabrics and apparel based nano-technology to provide performance and functionality in urban-based clothing. Our goal is to unite artists and innovators into the same community through art, music, technology, and other social interests. Designs are created by partnerships or in house, to adapt and show diversity and unique qualities. 

      Always searching for new additions and partners, Aura Apparel is not just another apparel company, we are a company of innovation, design, and evolution.


      Each of our products incorporates an innovative antimicrobial called FiberTeQ. This antimicrobial is the only mechanical based solution available in the market. Using a self-assembling nano-polymer suspended in pure water, we created a self-detoxifying film (micro-cilia) that actively search and destroy germs. The inadated surface is electrostatically polarized which attracts microscopic foreign compounds and eliminates them by puncturing their cell membranes. As viruses, bacteria, and fungus can only achieve stipulated amount of growth, larger cells like our skin are completely unharmed by the cilia produced to lyse. This formula has been tested to kill 99.9999% of germs within 5 minutes of contact.

      FiberTeQ covalently bonds to a wide array of surfaces it remains effective for extended periods under eclectic environments. As traditional antimicrobials eliminates germs through a chemical process, they are only effective during application and in extended use can be harmful to humans via leeching.

      FiberTeQ has both been patented and FDA/EPA certified

      GLOW INK

      An ink derived from firefighter technology that allow design and applications to glow in the dark. Micro-photoluminescent particles in the ink allows the ink to absorb light better than the traditional glow in the dark ink, providing a longer and brighter glow while in the dark. Also unlike the conventional phosphorous based glow inks which has a cloudy white appearance, the iridium ink maintains its color while in presence of light. The iridium produces a visible color spectrum of photoluminescent pigments with the brightest daytime and nighttime color intensity and longest illumination of up to 50 hours with new photoluminescent crystal suspension technology. Currently there are over 32 colors available to maximize variety and design versatility. The ink is patent-pending and has been tested and UL certified for use

      The use of different micron particle sizes and the highest grades of pigments available yields the highest light output and the slowest decay possible. With this control, photoluminescent crystals are suspended in a wide array of carriers allowing UV light to pass through and charge more efficiently, whereby with traditional technology, only the top layer is charged.